What cleaning products should I use to keep my rollover in perfect condition?

By 4 janvier, 2017ÉCOLE ISTOBAL

We have already given you some general information on Keeping your rollover clean. This week, we will focus on the cleaning products that can help you keep your facility clean and in good condition, as your customers would expect.

The condition of your car wash is your business card. We all like washing our vehicle in a clean and tidy place. Cleaning must be part of your daily routine, as it does contribute to building trust with the clients that bring their cars to your car wash station. Here we go!

Do you know how often you must clean the bay and do the exterior? In general terms, ISTOBAL engineers recommend to clean the bays on a daily basis and to clean the machine’s structure and fairings monthly. This frequency also depends on weather conditions, on the location of the machine -inside an enclosure or outdoors-, and on usage. Whichever the case, you should thoroughly clean the piping area and use the right products, making sure they do not contain ingredients that may damage or rust the machine.

Please note that not all cleaning products will do the job. They must have been properly tested for car wash machinery. Hence the importance of using specifically designed products such as esens®, from our Clean range.

When it comes to cleaning, limescale is one of your main enemies. Lime build-up will very much depend on the quality of your wash water at your facility. ISTOBAL and its water treatment equipment can also help you with that. For more information, go to Have top-quality water and let your customers benefit from a perfect finish.

To remove limescale from your machines, use Clean Machinery, a special product by esens® that eliminates lime, grease and stubborn dirt easily. And on the bays, a good chlorinated cleaning agent will leave your facility spotless every day. We also have a powerful anti-scale detergent to remove lime from the screens and enclosures, as these two elements are badly affected by limescale.

Another basic aspect to bear in mind concerning your rollover’s cleaning condition is stainless steel. Machines are continuously exposed to oxidizing agents such as moisture and adverse weather conditions. A good stainless steel protector will preserve surfaces.

And do not forget brushes. Use a concentrated shampoo like Clean Brush for a suitable cleaning, whether brushes are textile or polyurethane foam. You will increase their effectiveness and durability. This product also contains a powerful algaecide that will prevent fungi and mold from growing, eliminating foul smells at the same time.

The Clean range includes many other specific products for the treatment of all kinds of dirt: graffiti, ice or frost, adhesives and glues, etc.

Very important! Before using any cleaning product, read the data sheet and the label and follow the preparation and application steps.

For information on all our products, see our catalogue. Roll up your sleeves to keep your rollover in good condition!

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