The power of imagination! Creative actions at your car wash station

By 11 novembre, 2016ÉCOLE ISTOBAL
Acciones creativas

Grafiti estacion

Do you want to catch people’s attention and make your car wash station more visible? If you never thought about the importance of having attractive fencing, billboards or elements around your station, you should give it a try. Having a good image outdoors will not only draw the attention of cars driving by, but will also raise interest in your facility and subsequently your sales. Would you like us to give you a few ideas? Pay attention!

This car wash station has been so creative that they have covered the outside with eye-catching graffiti, and it can be seen from across the street!

vinilos box njoy

It is definitely a very creative idea, but you don’t have to hire a graffiti artist. You can use vinyl signs on the fences of the enclosures. Here is a solution by ISTOBAL to decorate your BOX enclosure.

Do you also want your station to be seen from the road? You can install banners to advertise, for example, the name of your facility, or your main services: car wash tunnel, jet washes, interior cleaning… If you don’t have banners and you have an enclosure with top fairings, you can cover them with colourful vinyls. Have a look at these photographs with some examples:

Vinilos superiores njoy                                Bandera njoy

Implementing this kind of creative solutions at your car wash station will not only improve its image and your users’ attention, it will also contribute to improving their car wash experience. Remember, we all like to wash our vehicle in a clean and tidy place, so these little tips, together with daily cleaning, will help you keep your facility in good condition, which will encourage customers to come.

Small details can really help your car wash station look better. Quite frequently, less is more. Having lots of signs and vinyls don’t necessarily make a facility more attractive. Think about things that can really make a difference, and how to make your services more visible.

Were these ideas useful to you? This is just a taste of what you can create if you are imaginative enough and you use the right marketing tools. In coming features, we will tell you more about other items that can really help you improve your facility and attract customers. Meanwhile, we invite you to share it with us on social media and to send us images that show your creativity at the car wash station. The power of imagination!

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