Enjoy driving on a rainy day!

By 20 octobre, 20164CARLOVERS

As you know, we are right in the middle of October, in the rainy season. That’s why we want to share a few driving tips with you, whether you are on the road or driving in the city. Read carefully!

First things first. Driving in the rain can be dangerous. Traction declines in wet weather, and so does control over our vehicle at certain speeds, which may result in aquaplaning. Slow down to avoid it. This situation can really lead to serious issues.

Speed reduction is not enough. You also need to check tire pressures. The wrong pressure can cause your car to hydroplane.

Besides, if you drive in the city, be aware that traffic tends to be heavier than usual when it rains. Therefore, it is important to keep a safe distance from the car in front of you. Do not brake suddenly, as your control over your vehicle can be affected. And do not rush. Make sure you leave well in advance, as traffic can be slow.

To improve your visibility in wet conditions, check your windscreen wipers and replace them if necessary. Eliminate any dust and dirt using a damp cloth and a glass cleaner. That way you will not spread the dirt all over the windscreen when using the wipers. If marks are left behind, or if it makes noise or vibration, it’s time to replace them.

Ask your carwash station about water-repellent products. These waxes create a protective film that improves your vision through the windscreen, but they also enhance your car’s gloss and protect the surface of the whole bodywork.

The heated rear window is also very important, visibility-wise. All the windows are likely to get misty as a result of the moisture, so make sure the glass heater works properly.

And, of course, being seen is equally important. Check your vehicle’s headlights and taillights. Apart from the poor visibility caused by rain drops, when it rains, it tends to be darker than usual. We must be as visible as possible to other vehicles.

In addition to these special autumn recommendations, keep in mind the rest of safety tips applicable to any season: tire tread must be well defined, all fluid levels must be adequate: oil, cooling fluid… Check the brakes, and don’t forget the shock absorbers.

With all these tips, driving in the rain should not be a problem. Enjoy driving on a rainy day!

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