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Recommendations to prepare your car before a road trip

By 29 juillet, 20164CARLOVERS

Holiday time at last… Suitcases, relaxation, time for family and friends. Don’t let anything spoil your trip to the beach or the mountains. Prepare your car and avoid unpleasant surprises.

The first thing to check is the engine. Our vehicle’s “brain” needs the right fluid levels. Have a look at your mileage too.

Your car lights are used to see and to be seen. Ensuring optimal visibility requires you to check that all lights work properly: headlights (high and low beam), parking lights, fog lights, brake, reverse and turn signal lights.  It is very important to keep headlamps clean and free from mosquitoes and other particles for them to stay clear and not lose effectiveness.

Do checks and cleaning contribute to solving visibility problems? Almost! We must also check the windscreen wipers. When road travelling, the windscreen and the windows get dirty. Make sure you have enough windscreen fluid!

Please note that visibility can also be improved if your car is clean. We recommend you to take it to the carwash and have it well prepared before you set out on your journey.

Next, check the parts that make up the « safety triangle »: Wheels, shock absorbers and brakes.

Tires are the elements that suffer the most in long trips. The manufacturer’s recommended pressures must be observed. Bear in mind that pressures must be adjusted if the car is loaded.

And beware of any unexpected events! We can all have a flat tire. You want to be prepared for it. Carrying a spare tire and a puncture-repair kit is essential when road travelling. We already published a blog post about how to change a tire. If you have any doubts, please have a look.

Shock absorption is a crucial factor too. Schedule a checkup before you head out.

My brakes don’t work! It is very important to check the brakes before leaving. If you usually drive in the city, they wear off to a greater extent.

Your car documents, the warning triangle and a high-visibility jacket are compulsory elements for all vehicles. Make sure they are in order and in perfect condition to avoid problems.

Last but not least… Air conditioning! With high temperatures in summer, we shall not forget to check the gas charge to be able to lower the temperature.

Is your car ready? Have a safe trip!

¿Tienes el coche a punto? ¡Buen viaje!

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