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Is it true that automatic car washes can damage the vehicle?

By 13 juin, 2016ÉCOLE ISTOBAL

Many things are said about automatic rollovers and wash tunnels: windows are scratched, the paint can be damaged…

Carlos Valls, Product Manager of ISTOBAL’s Automatic Carwash line, is absolutely clear about this, about brushes scratching the vehicle surface or damaging the paint or the windows. “It is absolutely not true”. It’s ages since this no longer happens. We now control the rollers’ pressure and regulation electronically.

These electronic systems are absolutely reliable, they ensure constant pressures and there’s no risk for the vehicle paint. Besides, the new foam materials on brushes make contact much softer, with no effects on car wash effectiveness though.

To avoid scratches or marks, daily checks must be performed to find any foreign bodies stuck on the brushes. It is also useful to regularly use shampoos with some type of biocide to avoid fungi, both on the brushes and the facility.

For the system to remain as profitable as possible, quality equipment must be used, maintenance must be suitable,  consumables must meet the manufacturer’s requirements, and clear instructions must be given to users.

Apart from the myths about automatic car wash process, there are other false ideas regarding the facility, for instance the fact that waste water and damp can result in the growth of micro-organisms and bacteria, this having an impact on safety. “Oversized storage tanks and installing them in sun-exposed areas must be avoided in order not to have these issues”. Valls continues: “Those carwash facilities using recycled water must keep the water moving by means of recirculation, and disinfection equipment must also be installed. This ensures sanitation”.

We recommend to anticipate potential faults in both wash tunnels and rollovers. It is most important to observe the manufacturer’s instructions and to schedule visits by specialised engineers every four months at least, for preventative maintenance.

Taking care of carwash equipment and its products contributes to success in a carwash facility. ISTOBAL supports prevention rather than reaction as a way of ensuring the best results. Professional advice is key but machine maintenance requires all parties to be involved.

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