Take good care of your car wash equipment

By 3 august, 2017ISTOBAL SCHOOL
car wash equipment

It might seem obvious but nobody will be willing to wash their car in a facility that is not clean and in perfect condition. Regular maintenance and cleaning of car wash equipment and bays -whether you have a rollover or a jet wash, or both- must not be overlooked. And don’t forget that in summer your clients usually have more time to take care of their vehicle. At this time of year, people travel by car to a greater extent, to the country or to the beach; and we all want to have a spotless car before leaving and also when we come back.

That’s why today we would like to remind you some key points to keep your car wash -your business at the end of the day- as it deserves.

In Keeping your rollover clean we gave you some basic recommendations to always have your automatic car wash in good condition. We explained some jobs to be done before maintenance, for your own safety and that of the area. We also showed you an example of a table with maintenance tasks with their frequency and our recommendations to do them correctly at your car wash station.

If you want to delve into What cleaning products should I use to keep my rollover in perfect condition?, we encourage you to read this article; you will see how important it is to use specific products tested for car wash machines. With these tips, you will know what the best solution is to remove limescale -one of the main enemies at your facility-, to protect stainless steel surfaces, to preserve brushes, and to eliminate stubborn dirt.

Lastly, for the maintenance of your jet washes, in our feature Keeping your jet wash clean we described the tasks to be done on a daily basis and the products that work best to make the self-service wash bays look new. And in this article we remind you to properly handle packs and packages after cleaning, to protect the environment.

Cleaning must be part of your daily routine, as it does contribute to building trust with your clients, for them to continue bringing their cars to the car wash station. Take good care of your car wash equipment in summer too!

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