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Hvis du har spørgsmål eller ønsker at stille et spørgsmål til os, hjælper vi dig med det, du har brug for.

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Super concentrated ISTOBAL esens® products for your outstanding business

By 18 september, 2019ISTOBAL SCHOOL
car wash products

Have you heard of Xtract, our range of super concentrated chemical products? They are super small, super light, super easy and super safe to use, allowing you to make the best use of the car wash products in your facility while also helping to protect the environment. Today we are going to tell you all about this super line of ISTOBAL esens® products.

The super concentrated chemical products in the Xtract range come in convenient, innovative packaging like the small Doy Pack pouches. Incredibly easy to use and store, these containers make managing the consumables in your facility as convenient, fast, clean and safe as possible.

The Xtract containers take up 90% less space than traditional formats, cutting transport costs and saving on storage requirements. What’s more, a single-litre Doy Pack offers the equivalent of 10 litres of prepared chemical product, making transport more economical and reducing C02 emissions. You will also avoid some of the risks involved with handling heavy packaging, since the product is super concentrated, and the containers weigh less. Conveniently, you will also spend less time replenishing the chemicals and gain more independence in your facility because the product levels do not need to be topped up as often.

In addition, Xtract helps to reduce plastic waste by 90%, making it a sustainable product with a low environmental impact. The traditional packaging used for 25 litres of chemical product generates roughly a gram of plastic waste per wash, whereas the single-litre Doy Pack pouches produce just 0.07 grams of plastic waste per wash.

The Doy Pack packaging format is used with the innovative Xtract Mixing System device, which offers greater convenience, speed and safety when using the chemicals. This system automatically dilutes and mixes the chemical products and supplies them to all the car wash equipment in your facility, doing away with the need for manual replenishment in each individual machine.

And do not forget: all the ISTOBAL esens® chemical products are biodegradable, and many of them have been recognized for their quality and sustainability with various European certificates – such as the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, VDA certification and the Austrian ÖNORM standard – proving that these products meet the maximum demands on effectiveness and respecting the environment.

Now you know everything there is to know about this super solution, which will make managing all the chemical products in your facility easier, more profitable, and more environmentally friendly.