Rain-repellent effect with GLOSSY TEARS wax


  • This new wax improves wet weather visibility and safety.
  • The wax creates a super-hydrophobic coating that repels raindrops, imitating nature’s ‘lotus effect’, leaving the windscreen free of water.
  • At driving speeds of 80km/h or more, the windscreen remains free of drops, reducing the use of the wipers and considerably improving driving conditions.
  • The special protective coating created by the wax on the bodywork enhances the shine of your vehicle, staying clean for longer.


  • This wax is applied in substitution of standard drying waxes. The drying is top quality.
  • No special devices are needed on the car-wash machine. The procedure is the same as with any other drying wax.
  • Dosage per wash depends on the quality of the water used and on room temperature. The standard dosing range is between 9 and 15ml per vehicle.
  • With a lasting rain-repellent effect, customers will notice the benefits for weeks.
  • Glossy Tears is available in standard bottles (ready to use) and as a super-concentrated Xtract Doy-Pack.


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Glossy Tears is the ultimate solution for shine, protection and safety.