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esens® is the chemical product brand developed by ISTOBAL. As carwash experts for more than 60 years, we know that an effective chemical is essential to obtain an impeccable finish.

With esens®, our chemical solutions fulfil our customers’ expectations and ensure the profitability of carwash equipment.

ISTOBAL and its esens® chemicals guarantee the cleaning results expected by the most demanding clients. The latest technology and the most innovative solutions to facilitate the cleaning of all vehicle types.

esens® covers all carwash areas:

  • Rollovers and tunnels
  • Self-service wash bays
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Manual professional cleaning (interior and exterior)
  • Water treatment
  • Facility maintenance

esens® includes two chemical families:

  • Originals Products in differently-sized containers and barrels to meet specific needs.
  • Xtract Super-concentrated products in revolutionary packs with great logistic and environmental advantages.


Our chemicals are available in containers with different sizes (from 5L to 25L), 1L and 2L bottles, 200L barrels and 1000L tanks. A large variety of traditional formats for each individual need.


Xtract super-concentrated chemicals have a 90% smaller volume than traditional chemicals, which makes shipping more economical and reduces storage needs.

Waste is also reduced by 90% versus standard containers.

Our Xtract formats are:

  • BIO CAP (Water-soluble biofilm bags)
  • DOY PACK (Doy Pack plastic bags)
  • FLASK (Thermo-sealed bottles)