ISTOBAL smart-wash patent for bus fleets

By 1 marts, 2017ISTOBAL SCHOOL
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As we already told you on our previous post, the world of commercial vehicles includes surprising and very special vehicles. The equipment and optional extras used for their cleaning are defined by the shape of the vehicle and the size of the fleet. Today we want to talk to you about one of our especially designed bus-wash systems and an interesting technology patented by ISTOBAL, developed to achieve optimum results on the aerodynamic vehicle front of today’s most modern buses, our split front brush.

This fleet type requires effective and versatile wash systems that can carefully clean the delicate bodywork and adapt to the new aerodynamic shapes developed in recent years. To that end, we developed our model HeavyWash Drive Through 4HWD300. It consists of a drive-through system different from standard car wash machines which requires the driver to interact. In this case, safety and easy use come first.

The equipment offers a safe and fast drive-through solution for these fleets thanks to a speed control device that comes standard. A photocell system measures the speed of the bus upon entering the facility to avoid sharp vehicle and brush movements, and ensures that the brushes open if a vehicle exceeds the speed limit. Also as standard, the system includes a pre-rinse arch, four opposite-rotation vertical brushes to maximise the scanning of aerodynamic shapes, and a control panel used as an interface between the user and the machine to manually activate the wash process or control movements, if necessary.

Drive Through 300

split front brushFurthermore, this drive-through machine includes a system of moving arms with split brushes patented by ISTOBAL which avoids damaging front mirrors. The upper half of the brushes rises to thoroughly wash the wedge-shaped front end of the bus and to avoid panoramic mirrors, a feature of many long-distance coaches.

The brush starts washing the central area of the front and then splits into two parts, the top one ‘flying’ around the mirror. The bottom half stays close to vehicle, thoroughly brushing the front and the lower corners below mirror level. These areas are usually rather dirty as a result the long distances travelled.

This is it. One more lesson learned about commercial-vehicle washing. Now you know about ISTOBAL’s patent, specifically developed to add to perfection in bus and coach wash systems.  You will remember next time you see a new bus model with gleaming panoramic mirrors, won’t you?

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