ISTOBAL jet wash solutions save 32% energy thanks to motor efficiency

By 20 oktober, 2017NEWS
jet wash solutions

ISTOBAL saves 32% energy with its jet wash solutions, reaching a higher level of energy efficiency. This reduction in energy use is possible thanks to frequency converters that regulate the speed of motors, supplying different pressures -low, medium or high- to different wash phases.

With the system, savings amounting to 4,300 kWh can be reached per year on each bay, for an average operation of 10 hours a day for a 3 kW motor, the most usual type on self-service wash bays. These energy savings are equivalent to having ten 100W light bulbs on for 180 days continuously or discontinuously.

With a clear focus on environmentally friendly initiatives, the Spanish company is a pioneer in the development of sustainable car wash solutions with a lower environmental impact and reduced consumption of energy, water and chemicals, which in turn results in lower costs for jet wash operators.

The jet wash range developed by ISTOBAL also includes a smart high pressure system, Smartpulse, which further increases energy savings by 5%. This technology earned an award at the Gallery of Innovation of Motortec Automechanika Madrid 2015. Consisting of a start and stop device, the system controls the operation of the high-pressure pumps and the chemical product dosing pumps automatically. A simple system of pressure switches prevents the pump from running when the client is not washing the vehicle.