Complete your offer at the self service car wash to attract new clients

By 19 juli, 2017ISTOBAL SCHOOL
self service car wash

In our previous post we talked about how to improve truck-wash services at dedicated facilities. Today, we would like to help the managers of jet washes with several bays to innovate in pressure washing with just a few details that will really make the difference. This way your clients will choose YOUR self service car wash jet wash instead of nearby competitors.

Here are some improvement proposals including accessories that can really make the difference with your clients. Watch these videos to see it for yourself: they describe the needs and the self service car wash use of some user groups who can also become regular customers:

Bicycle wash

This video shows how a simple optional extra that holds the bicycle in place can make cyclists choose your facility after their weekend outings.

Motorbike wash

As you know, bikers are very demanding when it comes to taking care of their ‘pride and joy’. If you manage to attract them to your car wash with the very useful accessories shown in the video, you will be totally successful. Besides, if you can have a special bay for motorcycles with the right signage and you can also offer manual drying, they will become loyal to you; then, it is just a matter of word of mouth in their clubs, whichever their motorcycling style.


Night wash

You are likely to have clients of all sorts: from the ‘early birds’ who wash their car in the early hours of the morning to ‘night owls’ who prefer to wash their vehicles before going out in the evening or when they are back from a journey. If you want to boost profitability at your self service car wash, you have to fulfil all the needs of your clients. Having the right lighting at night is a good argument to ensure the perfect vehicle wash and the satisfaction of evening users even in the darkest nights.


You have no excuse now: if you want to lure this customer type to your jet wash, you just have to implement and advertise these small improvements properly so that your clients can start using them and consider them essential; they will go nowhere else to wash their vehicles.

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