6 everyday technologies you also use when you wash your car

By 1 juni, 20174CARLOVERS
car wash technologies

Did you know you use everyday technologies when your car is washed?  A remote control, air conditioners, LED bulbs or a router have more in common with car wash machines than you might imagine. The car wash world is very technological. In equipment development, we use the latest technical developments to make the washing process increasingly efficient and to ensure the highest quality.

Let’s take the television remote control as an example. The infra-red photocells that make it work are the same as those that allow us to scan the vehicle profile on a rollover to determine when the wheel wash must come out, or how the dryer nozzle must move over the vehicle to dry it perfectly. We also use sensors that are very similar to those on your vehicle for parking; ultrasonic sensors allow us to avoid impacts on the vehicle.

Another technology that 4Carlovers surely know is that of speed cameras. We use this laser technology in our car wash machines to measure the position of the equipment with respect to the start of the bay.  Depending on the time the laser takes to return, we can determine the distance.

ISTOBAL also uses the technology of the quietest air conditioning systems. The company have patented their own drying device, Smartflow. By incorporating tangential fans into our drying system, air is moved without making noise.

Do you have a reverse osmosis system to have quality water at home? Every time you wash your car on an ISTOBAL machine, you are giving it a ‘bath’ with  demineralised water, avoiding stains and limescale residue on the surface.

LED lighting is another technology that you probably have at home. Our light sign screens use it. But we like taking a step further: they can be seen in the sun too!

And, of course, one technology we couldn’t do without, WiFi. Through wireless networking, car wash machines can be remotely operated,  controlled, and maintained.

Now you know a little bit more about the technologies of everyday life that you also use at the car wash.  You’re bound to remember them next time you turn on the television or the air-conditioning unit, or when desperately looking for a wireless network!

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