Take care of your clients and listen to them every day

By 30 August, 2017ISTOBAL School

Listen, talk, act. This phrase comes to summarise the contents of today’s feature. ISTOBAL School have tried to be in their clients‘ shoes many times, to get to know them and to be able to improve based on the findings. Doing what customers do at the car wash, identifying their needs and their concerns, and finding out how they live the car wash experience helps us make good business decisions.

The first thing we need to know is the types of clients who come to the facility. We conducted a user behaviour and motivation study and we identified eight different profiles: professionals, car lovers, executives, the environmentally friendly, weekenders, senior citizens, young adults, and the easygoing. They are all here: Car wash user profiles and behaviours

This other feature, small details make the difference, gives general advice on how we can improve our services by paying attention to detail, e.g. giving clients clear and concise instructions to use the car wash system, keeping it in good condition, helping them choose the best wash program either personally or with a virtual assistant, or offering attractive complementary services.

If you want to analyse the route followed by a client at the car wash to understand his/her doubts when using your service, what users like and do not like, we recommend you to go on a user journey. You will be able to learn about critical points, key learnings for improvement, and the so-called moments of truth when interacting with clients.

And finally, we want to share our own example with you: Listening to your customers can help you improve your service, in seven steps and with infographics. It shows how we launched our latest accessories to complete the offer at a jet wash, collecting ideas from users.

Remember that trust with your clients is built by working on a daily basis, and that listening to what they have to say is the first step to a lasting relationship and good business results.

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