Parts of your car: What do you know about rims and their maintenance?

By 15 Juni, 20174Carlovers

You love your car and you take good care of it, so must know this for sure: one of the most eye-catching elements in a car are the wheel rims. Apart from covering the tyres, the rims have an aesthetic function; in fact they are a best seller in car accessories, particularly for car tuning. The way a vehicle looks can change dramatically with different wheels.

Do you know how wheel rims differ from each other? First, their size: from 13 up to 22 inches, and also their style: number of spokes, concave shape, and contemporary or vintage designs.

They can also be differentiated by their materials. The most common materials are steel and aluminium, but in competitions, magnesium -a particularly light and stable material- is also usual. Steel rims are the most widespread. They usually come standard on most vehicles because they are the most economical ones. These rims are not usually covered by hubcaps. However, aluminium ones are lighter and provide the car’s braking system with a greater air flow. That is why they are usually found on high-end cars, and they are very popular with tuning lovers.

Regardless of the type of rims you may have on your car, you should know they are one of the parts that get dirtier together with the tyres. They are the elements in closer contact with the road and, they are more exposed to the ferodo, the material brake pads are made of, which is pulverized every time we use them, creating a layer of dirt with black powder. This dirt can damage your tyres, as sooner or later it can corrode the varnishing or lacquering of your designer wheels.

That is why, when you go to the car wash, it is important to take special care, as a bad finish on the tyres can completely ruin the look of a newly washed vehicle. Professional car washes have everything you need for a perfect rim finish, either at the jet wash or with automatic wash machines, where you will find professional pre-wash products for tyres.

These are usually alkaline shampoos to easily remove ferruginous dust, tar, oils, and other dirt types. In addition, the formulation of these products includes corrosion inhibitors to extend the life of your rims. For very stubborn dirt, we recommend to leave the product on the surface a few minutes and then a soft-bristle brushing, in case you are at the jet wash. If you are using the rollover or the wash tunnel, disk or high pressure wheel washers will do the rest of the job.

To boost washing results, we recommend using a professional tyre cleaner to renew the appearance of the tyre and enhance the contrast between the black colour of the wheel and the silver rim. The finish will be absolutely spectacular!

So now you know what to keep in mind to take perfect care of your rims and tyres. Next time you wash your car you’ll surely notice how shiny your tyres are.

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