Two-wheeler lovers I. How to wash your motorbike at the car wash bay

By 7 April, 20174Carlovers

Two-wheeler lovers are also welcome to our 4CarLovers blog.  To us, taking care of two-wheeled vehicles is as important as with any other means of transport. For that reason, this week we talked to a motorcyclist colleague who explained to us how he washes his bike at the at the car wash bay.

Who would do it better than someone who enjoys keeping his motorbike in perfect condition?

If you have a motorbike and you use it for business or pleasure, the jet wash is definitely the best choice. First, put the motorbike in the middle of the bay, making sure that the sidestand rests on a smooth surface and preventing water from entering the exhaust pipe.

It is important to give the bike a pre-wash with cleaning products, to remove mud and insects remains. Focus on the rims of the rear tires and the front of the vehicle, where mosquitoes tend to stick.

After the pre-wash, remember to wash the motorbike with hot high-pressure water and then rinse it. You should also be careful with the control panel: avoid applying high-pressure water directly on it.

Finally, it’s time to dry. Make sure that the jet wash offers the possibility of drying your motorbike, either with a manual dryer or with paper. You will have to dry the seat, the mirrors, and other contact areas.

ISTOBAL has developed new jet-wash accessories especially designed to make the experience of washing your two-wheeled vehicle more comfortable and pleasant. Have you ever noticed there is nowhere to leave your helmet or your coat while washing your bike?, or have you ever been unsure about where you should position the motorbike?

Watch this video and find out:

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