Interior cleaning, your taxi will be impeccable

By 23 März, 20174Carlovers

Our previous post described different types of taxis around the world and the fact that they are easily recognisable in their city or country. But if something makes us remember a taxi ride anywhere in the world is its interior, which is too frequently neglected.

You may have experienced it yourself as a tourist, that feeling of going into some sort of ‘taxi museum’.   You can tell what the driver is like, at a glance: name, family, favourite music playing on the radio, hobbies, car ‘smellies’… Let’s be honest about it: all that information in less than 5 seconds is a bit overwhelming…

But if you really want to impress your clients, wherever you may be, you want to keep your taxi impeccable, inside and outside. As a public transport vehicle, it must meet some minimum cleaning and hygiene standards.

We would like to give you a short summary with tips on how to clean the interior of your taxi using top quality car wash products:

Car wash products: interior

  1. First things first: take the mats out, and all the objects you usually keep inside. It will be easier to clean it.
  2. We recommend using a blower for small corners and vents, to remove the dust before vacuum cleaning.
  3. A thorough vacuum-cleaning is the key to a good result. Clean the back seats thoroughly and move the front ones to reach all floor areas, which are usually very dirty in a taxi.
  4. Window cleaning is the next job. Using a quality product is very important. Car windows get usually dirty with fingerprints when doors are opened and closed.
  5. Now it’s time to leave the doors open so that the windows dry and the dust in the air settles. You can clean the mats in the meantime. Some car wash facilities have automatic mat-cleaning equipment which incorporates a disinfecting anti-bacteria product in the washing process and also dries them so that you can put them back on the vehicle straight away.
  6. If necessary, you would now clean the upholstery. Different products are available for professional vehicles, for textiles and for real and artificial leather, to keep the upholstery brand new.
  7. And to clean and renovate plastic surfaces like those on window and door handles, we recommend you to use products with anti-static properties to keep them clean longer. When it comes to cleaning the dashboard, you want to use anti-static agents to prevent dust from sticking on the surface. You can choose a gloss or matte finish.
  8. The final touch is spraying a nice fragrance for car interiors. Some of them are also odour removers, which is really the best option for your taxi.

For further information on these products, see our esens® catalogue.

Conclusion: a clean taxi that feels new is a must if you want your clients to feel ‘at home’ for a while and remember the nice and fresh smell of your vehicle’s interior.

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