In your shoes as a user to improve the car wash experience

By 18 Januar, 2017ISTOBAL School

In one of our first ISTOBAL School features, we talked to you about our user profiles study. Car wash motivation, behaviours and frequencies were analysed. Getting to know our users, identifying their doubts when using our services, what they like or dislike is not an easy job, but it is essential to fulfilling their needs and making their car wash experience utterly positive.

That is why we have also analysed the route followed by a user at the car wash station, to detect critical points, key lessons for improvement, and ‘moments of truth’ in customer interactions.  Let’s go on a ‘User Journey’.

It includes three basic moments in time: before, during and after the car wash. Before the vehicle is washed, either on a rollover/tunnel or a jet wash, the main doubts a user might have -as detected by the study- have to do with the lack of information about the car wash process. It is therefore essential to advise our clients, help them know how to position the vehicle properly, explain the wash programs available, offer different payment options etc. ISTOBAL has developed a car wash assistant on the Connect-a payment terminal intended to help the customer choose a wash program.

Not knowing what the waiting time is constitutes another critical point.  Managing queues correctly, having a waiting area, and turning that time into cross-selling opportunities -if you offer additional services at your facility- are ‘moments of truth’ that can really make a difference.

During the car wash, not knowing the waiting time can also worry users who might be in a hurry. The latest models in the M’NEX rollover range by ISTOBAL incorporate light displays and LED screens to inform about the wash phases. They also help users check for themselves that all steps have been taken and that all the cleaning products selected have been applied.

At the jet wash, a critical point is getting familiar with the procedure.  It is important to help customers plan the process and its cost with clear signs and instructions. And what about interior cleaning? We can also find solutions to the main issues faced by customers. We can give them some advice about using the accessories, the vacuum cleaner, inflating the tires, using the sprayer, etc. We can provide paper and litter bins and offer them the widest choice for the cleaning of interiors: dashboard products, air fresheners with different smells, upholstery cleaners…

During the wash phase, some issues may also disturb the user experience. It is essential to minimise them by means of good maintenance of the facility and with the quick response of the Technical Assistance Service.

After the car wash, the most important thing is to get customers to become loyal. Loyalty promotions, cross-selling offers, or added-value services such as a full interior cleaning or a manual finish will improve your clients’ experience and contribute to building customer loyalty and service quality.

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