Water treatment and recycling at your carwash station

By 26 Oktober, 2016ISTOBAL School
Save water

If you run a carwash, you are probably concerned with water contamination and ineffective usage of water and chemicals every time a vehicle enters the facility. To be environmentally friendlier at your carwash station, ISTOBAL designs its machines with a focus on water saving. Besides, the company supplies equipment for water reuse, chemical degradation, and hydrocarbon retention prior to disposal into public waterways. Do you want to know more about it? Continue reading.

To reuse water, you can use physical and biological recyclers. Physical recyclers eliminate particles in water by filtration. We use zeolite at ISTOBAL. Zeolite is a highly porous volcanic material that ensures in-depth water filtration at high speeds. Requiring just a small area, this process results in treated water suitable for use.

Biological recyclers treat water by degrading the organic and biological materials derived from detergents, waxes, oils, and hydrocarbons. Using adapted microorganisms (bacteria), we can reduce up to 50% of the organic matter in water coming from the carwash process.

reciclador biológico

Biological recycler


Physical recycler


Had you heard about these water reuse systems? Did you know they can recover 80% of the water to then reuse it in the first phase of the next car wash? With these units -especially designed for your carwash facility- you can recycle four out of five litres of water and dispose just a small portion into the sewer.


Hydrocarbon separator

Is it necessary to treat waste water before disposal? That depends on each country’s regulations. In Spain, waste water must meet some minimum quality standards prior to discharge. This good practice is becoming widespread in other countries. We believe it is very important to eliminate hydrocarbons and chemicals before disposal, as they both cause damages to the environment and problems in water treatment plants. That is why we recommend to always use hydrocarbon separators and detergent degraders.


Detergent degrader

If hydrocarbons and detergents are contaminant, can we eliminate them at the beginning? Hydrocarbons and oils remaining in water come from the vehicles’ fuel. We can`t do much about that. However, we can do quite a few things if we use environmentally friendly chemicals during the car wash. As a starting point, it is important to adjust the chemicals optimal dose (more shampoo or wax does not lead to better wash quality).

Moreover, pay attention to the chemical products you use on your machine. Make sure they contaminate as little as possible. When buying a product, read the label and safety instructions, and buy those with the lowest CO2 emissions and a high biodegradability percentage. In order to minimize the environmental impact, there are also products that reduce the waste in packaging, cutting CO2 emissions in its manufacturing process. To know more about these products, have a look at our esens® chemical product range.

To put these changes into practice, please note that most of these pieces of equipment need very little room and inexpensive installations.

Making you carwash services environmentally friendlier is very simple. You only need the right tools.

Ready to join us in a greener carwash world?

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