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Pre-washing your car: better safe than sorry

By 28 September, 20164Carlovers

We are all aware how important the steps in a process are to achieving the best results. As a working method, this can be applied to any goal and is also true when it comes to car-washing. A car prewash is recommended by our qualified technicians as a necessary step not only for stubborn dirt but also to eliminate all kinds of oils, dust and organic matter that settles over the surface of the vehicle on a daily basis.

Basically, a good prewash has an effect on three elements. One of them is the rim, a vehicle part where we can really put the carwash process to the test. The dirt that builds up on rims comes from the black dust generated by brakes, oils and road tar. That layer ends up covering the rim and gradually reduces the surface shine. If it is not properly removed by a prewash, the surface will eventually rust and the rim will be damaged in an irreversible way.

Another element that requires a prewash is the car front, as insects and other organic matter stick to it while driving. Particularly in warmer months, insect remains and bird droppings are the enemies of both the bodywork and the windows. The heat causes this dirt to dry and become embedded. A good pre-wash helps eliminate it and prevents small remains and unpleasant marks from damaging the surface.

Finally, another greasing agent we tend to forget and makes the prewash necessary: the traffic film. The traffic film is the layer that sets over the surface of all vehicles just by driving in the city or elsewhere. It is made up of pollutants coming from exhaust pipes and tarmac particles.

Prewash products are specifically designed to remove the traffic film, rim dirt, and organic materials. Their composition has a highly degreasing power and is very effective to soften insects and bird droppings.

As the first phase, the prewash allows us to chemically work on the toughest dirt. Therefore, they improve and boost the cleaning effect of the mechanical action of the next wash step, either with brushes or with high-pressure water. Considering the prewash not as a previous step but as the first step to take when washing our vehicle is the key to getting the best results.

What do you think? Better safe than sorry?

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