Learn how to change a tire easily and safely

By 20 Juni, 20164Carlovers

We can all have a flat tire, but how many of us know how to change it? ISTOBAL wants to show you how to do it in just a few steps, whether it is a spare tire or one of a similar size to the wheels on the vehicle.

If you have a puncture on the road, you should first move the vehicle to a safe area, away from traffic and other vehicles. Before getting out of the car, put on your high-visibility fluorescent jacket and signal your presence with the triangles.

The vehicle should be positioned on a flat, smooth surface so that the jack does not slide. Commonly located inside or under the boot, the spare tire must have enough pressure so to be able to drive safely. If this is not the case, call the tow truck to avoid an accident.

To change the tire, the car must have no passengers or luggage. Once we have taken the spare tire out and we have the necessary tools, we can start.

The first thing we must do is to loosen the screws on the flat tire, one at a time. Beware! Some vehicles have a safety bolt to prevent rims from being stolen. If this is the case, you will need a special tool for the nut. In this situation, press until the screw comes out.tires-istobal

If you are changing a front wheel, pull the hand brake to prevent the car from moving.

All vehicles have for leaning points on the lower area: two of them are behind the front wheels and the other two are in front of the back wheels. These points are like a small groove. It is there that the jack must be fitted.

Put the jack on the floor aligned with these marks and lift the vehicle. Carefully loosen up the screws of the flat tire and then take it out. Get the spare tire and fit it in. Once fit, put the screws back. We recommend to start with the bottom screws, so that they bear the weight, and then continue with the other screws. Once the screws are in place, tighten them randomly.

The next step is to put the car down slowly until all four wheels stand on the ground; at this point you can further tighten the screws.

Even though changing a flat tire is a necessary skill, it is better to avoid the puncture. Tire gauges can be very helpful to make sure we have the right pressure. And speed limits must also be observed: 80 kilometres an hour is the limit with a spare tire. Now, pick up your tools and start driving. Have a safe trip.

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