Keeping your rollover clean

By 23 November, 2016ISTOBAL SCHOOL

Read all of this leaflet carefully before you start using this medicine. Ask your pharmacist if you need more information or advice. We are all familiar with this phrase. If it were to be applied to our sector, it would read as follows: Read the user guide carefully. Ask your Technical Service Specialist if you need more information or advice. Use manuals are key to adequately using and servicing our machines. Having a rollover in perfect shape is basic if you want to offer your customers quality services. Here are some general guidelines to keep it clean. Roll up your sleeves!

First things first. Before you do any servicing work, cut off access to the facility and prevent all vehicles and persons from entering. If necessary, use warning cones or fences to signal the area. Next, move the machine to the required position and switch off the power at the main switch. Cut off the air and water too.

Once the machine is ready and the area is safe, use all the personal protective equipment you may need to start the maintenance tasks: boots, vest, safety goggles, and gloves. Your safety is important. Proceed with extreme care.

Now that everything is set up, you can start with the cleaning. We recommend you to use our original esens®products only. The Clean range is specifically designed for the cleaning of carwash facilities and machinery. You will find a great variety of products for different purposes: degreasing, polishing metal surfaces, removing scale, washing screens, washing textile or polyurethane-foam brushes with concentrated shampoo, and even eliminating ice from the floor or removing graffiti. As with medicines, remember to read all of the technical data sheet carefully for all the chemical products you might use.

And another important warning! It is totally forbidden to climb on top of the horizontal brush, the central dryer or the machine to perform any action, whether it is for maintenance or repairs, so please use a certified ladder.

Remember not to wash fairings and the machine chassis with high-pressure water (max.3 bar / 42 psi) since it could damage the paintwork, structure or electrical components. If you use compressed air, it should be dry and completely free of water. And to keep the pipes, solenoid valves and nozzles clean, the quality of the water must not have a turbidity count in excess of 10 NTU. To clean the brushes, use brush cleaning products which are appropriate to their composition: Link-feel, Link-foam or Link-tex. And use water at a maximum temperature of 45ºC (113ºF).

You now have some basic recommendations but, do you know what the maintenance schedule is? The user guide of all of our rollovers includes a table with the maintenance points and schedule, as well as recommendations for each individual operation. Here is the maintenance table for the M’NEX22 rollover as a an example. Any maintenance actions due on your rollover? Roll up your sleeves! Tabla-mantenimiento-INadvertencia-IN

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