How to get the best commercial vehicle wash results

commercial vehicle wash

As a commercial vehicle wash professional, you already know you can rely on ISTOBAL to wash trucks and other large vehicles. Whether you are responsible for a truck fleet or the owner of a vehicle wash facility, having the most advanced technology is the key to offering the best wash results and consequently the best possible service and business image. That is why, today, we want to delve into three truck wash optional extras that will help you have the perfect commercial vehicle wash. Let’s watch these three videos:

  1. Underchassis wash

This video shows the operation of the underchassis wash, an essential choice particularly for commercial vehicles, as mud, dust and dirt tend to build up on the lower areas of lorries.


  1. Rocker panel high pressure

This option for a pressure wash of the rocker panel removes any dirt on this area.  It would be equivalent to the wheel washer on a rollover for cars.


  1. Prewash with foamy chemical spraying

Lastly, we recommend you to combine a good truck wash system with the right chemicals, as is the case with the foamy chemical spray. It is quite spectacular to see the white foam layer all over the vehicle surface. Its automatic application saves time and its foamy texture guarantees a thorough clean.


All these options are available on our rollover ISTOBAL HW’PROGRESS. A fully equipped machine, capable of washing trucks, buses and other special vehicles like tankers or cranes thanks to a number of optional extras and the flexible configuration of wash programs.

Now you know how to get the best wash results with commercial vehicles. Nothing will prevent truck wash professionals from reaching all vehicle corners.

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