Give your car a good wash this summer

By 24 August, 20174CARLOVERS

Swimming on the beach or the pool, going to a spa… We all love summer. So does your car! And since we are in summer, we would like to remind you of some of our articles about car wash products such as waxes and foams, which clean, protect and boost the shine of the bodywork.

This post is about the Secrets of waxes and their different typologies and functions: drying waxes, shine boosters and protectors, and rainwater repellents. To see the effect of waxes on water during the drying process, watch this video on our YouTube channel.

Another option to pamper your car this summer is to give it a bubble bath, a truly gratifying ‘spa-like’ wash experience for you and your vehicle. In this article, you will learn about the properties of active foams, which can have different scents and attractive colours.

And we also invite you to watch this video about our amazing Infinite mousse arch. It is applied during the first wash phases and includes a set of LED lights that turn the car-wash experience into a show.

You have no excuse to give your car a good wash this summer with the best car wash products. Take care of it during your summer holiday and, most importantly, enjoy it!