Entrepreneurs from the Chamber of Commerce of Estiria visit the ISTOBAL facilities in Spain

By 21 April, 2017Uncategorized

The Estiria Chamber of Commerce (WKO) organized at the end of March a visit to the headquarters in Spain of ISTOBAL, one of the leaders in the car wash and care sector. The group, consisting of 26 members of the Chamber of Commerce, operators of service stations, car wash facilities and dealers, had the opportunity to see first-hand the impressive facilities in L´Alcúdia of this pioneering company, where technology is at the service of processes. The decision to choose the headquarters of ISTOBAL for this visit was an easy one for the WKO, in the words of Mr. Käfer: „For more than 10 years we have developed an excellent relationship with ISTOBAL Handelsges.m.b.H., the Austrian subsidiary of ISTOBAL, and there is an outstanding rapport with its manager Reinhold Zeiler.“ In fact, the headquarters of the Austrian subsidiary of ISTOBAL are also located in Estiria, and this has also contributed to the good relations that both institutions maintain.

The purpose of the visit to ISTOBAL was very clear for the WKO: to provide members of the WKO Transport and Automotive division with detailed information on the history, organization, production and quality of one of the industry leaders, as well as to give them the opportunity to look behind the scenes and to understand all the stages of the process to develop their products from research to manufacturing. „We used to talk about just an engine, a brush or a wash machine. Now the products have its own life. Behind each component, there is now a story that can guide the different steps of the decision-making process „, stated Mr. Käfer.

This successful tour to their facilities has had a positive outcome on the ISTOBAL side, giving them the opportunity to approach key people from different groups of customers in Austria, such as oil companies, dealers, workshops and service stations. Following the visit of the ISTOBAL headquarters and manufacturing plant in L’Alcúdia, a meeting was held with the President and the Coordinator of the International Area in the Chamber of Commerce of Valencia. Then, the group enjoyed a tour bus tour around the city on the shores of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea and tasted the different specialties of the region.