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Do you know what the secrets of waxes are?

By 2 November, 20164CARLOVERS
Wax secrets

When we apply wax to our vehicle, we think about making it shine and improving the way it looks. In fact, one of the things that can really damage our car’s bodywork is wet weather, as rust and corrosion can badly affect the exterior.

Though waxes are generally designed to meet this purpose, there is a wide variety of wax uses, including gloss enhancing but also facilitating the drying process and even repelling rainwater.

Would you like to know more about the secrets of waxes? Pay attention!

  • Drying waxes

They are the most common waxes. They provide the vehicle surface with intense shine and they help water to drain, leaving no water marks on the bodywork. These waxes are usually applied in standard carwash programs but also in fast programs to achieve exceptional results in a shorter process.

  • Shine-enhancing and protective waxes

This wax type is ideal for regenerating fading paints or paints which have turned matt over time. They are usually foamy waxes and, depending on the wax type, they can be applied in a specific dry program or a wet one.  Their use gives the vehicle a fresh look, making it look ‘younger’ and protecting the bodywork with a film at the same time.

If you would like to use these waxes on your car, allow for some extra time when you go to the car wash facility, as they usually require longer programs.

  • Water-repellent waxes

With this last-generation wax on your vehicle, when driving in the rain and at speeds above 80 km/h, you will see how rainwater is amazingly repelled from the windscreen, which significantly improves visibility.

They are particularly recommended in rainy seasons, as driving under rain conditions becomes safer. They also provide gloss and protection thanks to the film of gloss-boosting agents left on the surface.

Now that you are more familiar with the wax types available in the car wash market, you probably want to know which one to apply. Both shine/protection waxes and water-repellent ones help keep the vehicle clean longer. The protective film they create over the vehicle body prevents dirt from settling on the surface, which means your car stays clean longer. Ask the staff at your carwash station for advice. By applying wax to your car, you will not only improve the way it looks, it will stay impeccable longer and, most importantly at this time of year, it will also help you drive more safely.

Watch the video to see the effect of wax on water:

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