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10 safety recommendations for rollovers

By 1 Februar, 2017ISTOBAL SCHOOL

ISTOBAL machines have been designed and manufactured so as to eliminate and avoid all hazards and risks in their daily operation. Having said so, it is always important to remember some basic recommendations to ensure maximum safety in our day-to-day work at the car wash station. That is why we include a sheet entitled Identification of hazards and prevention measures in the documentation of our car wash machines.

In this feature, we give you some safety advice for rollovers:

  1. You should not go into the wash area while the machine is working.
  2. Move carefully while in the wash area and mind protruding elements. This way, we will avoid tripping over rails, centring guides, machine feet, positioning platform and other elements on the bay.
  3. Keeping the bay well-lit will allow us to avoid tripping hazards.
  4. It is extremely important to perform cleaning and maintenance operations periodically, as well as to check the condition of the bay on a regular basis. We have already talked about this topic at ISTOBAL School. Click on this link for a reminder.
  5. Please proceed with extreme caution in maintenance operations. Bear in mind that the floor on the wash area can be wet or dirty with engine oil or ice. A good cleaning practice is essential.
  6. It is necessary to use suitable Personal Protection Equipment and wear safety shoes when doing the maintenance.
  7. In addition, we recommend that all maintenance tasks described in our rollovers’ user guides should be performed by authorised personnel.
  8. Important warning: we should not manipulate electrical devices on rollovers such as electrical boxes, cabinets, motors, and junction boxes.
  9. Contact an authorised installer in the event of a fault.
  10. Indicating hazardous electrical areas adequately on the rollover will avoid unnecessary risks too.

These are just the first 10 safety recommendations on a rollover. Shortly, we will describe some prevention measures against noise, we will give you some advice about health and safety control, and we will talk about safety issues related to compressed air. Pay attention to our next posts!

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