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truck wash equipment

HEAVYWASH: Productive, reliable & flexible!

We introduce PROGRESS, our latest addition to the line of automatic commercial washing equipment HEAVYWASH by ISTOBAL. The HEAVYWASH line has been designed with the latest washing and communication technologies always taking into account the particular demands of the commercial sector: compact cleaning equipment with a robust design and reliable mechanics to guarantee an efficient wash of your fleet of commercial vehicles.

PROGRESS is available in four different heights to meet your specific needs for vans, tractor & trailer, buses, coaches or specialty vehicles, with friction and high pressure wash capabilities. This versatility and modern use of technology allows operators to purchase one machine that will wash pick up trucks, utility trucks, tractor trailers and even tankers efficiently.

Standard features HW-Progress

  • A strong cube shaped frame is made of hot dipped galvanized steel – optional powder coating available in numerous colors.
  • Amperage sensing brushes are electronically driven and controlled and can criss cross in the center to eliminate skunk tail striping.
  • The front and rear brush overlapping can be activated or deactivated on each wash program.
  • Vertical brushes front tilting. (option)
  • Flexible program and functions configuration chosen by the customer.
  • Operator’s control box features a touch screen that allows operators to select and easily configure wash programs, monitor wash functions and review operating information and history clearly.
  • Travel speed is controlled by an adjustable variable speed frequency converter.
  • Special wash functions are available for safely and effectively washing vehicles with panoramic wide mirrors.
  • Horizontal brush is an option for both the Kube and the Progress providing cleaning for front and rear of vehicles.
truck wash equipment


truck wash equipment
truck wash equipment
truck wash equipment
truck wash equipment



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