Automatic car wash by ISTOBAL: Rollovers and Tunnels

Vehicle Wash and Care is part of the DNA of ISTOBAL. Since 1950 the company has contributed innovative products to the industry for excellent vehicle care, assuring a positive user experience. Istobal manufacturers many different types of automatic carwash equipment.

Some of the types of automatic car wash equipment are rollovers and tunnels. These types of automated car washes make the cleaning easy; the user just enters the wash bay upon paying and puts the car in the car wash bay , waits for the stop light, and then the machine starts automatically. The machine starts the cleaning process and washes the car completely. Car wash equipment by ISTOBAL is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to clean your car. This process of washing with an automated car wash uses much less water than washing at home. It also prevents pollution in our rivers and streams from runoff as all water used in an automatic car wash center is directed to a water treatment center where is cleaned and possibly reused. Also, Istobal automatic carwash equipment models use state of the art design to reduce the overall consumption of power and chemical while still providing an exceptional wash quality.

There are some differences in the automated car wash and also some differences by countries.

Rollovers: The largest type of automatic carwash

Rollovers are the common product that users can find in a car wash center.
In this type of automatic car wash equipment, the user drives the vehicle in the car wash bay, places the car in park and applies the hand break then the machine starts cleaning the vehicle while the car is stopped. There are many options of products applied to the vehicle in this type of automatic carwash. Products such as Infinite Mousse or Lava Foam, Triple Foam, Carnauba Wax, Tire Cleaner, and spot free rinse. The options normally vary by country and by the wash package purchased. Blow drying the vehicle to remove the remaining water is also very common. As was discussed earlier, Istobal car wash equipment may use a water reclamation system to reduce the amount of fresh water used per car.

automatic car wash equipment

Rollovers can be with brushes or touchless, and with dryer on board or outside. There are also hybrid models of our automatic car wash equipment that let the customer choose between friction only wash, a touchfree wash, or a combination of friction and high pressure. It does not matter what automatic carwash you want, ISTOBAL can fulfil your demanding expectations. ISTOBAL´s rollovers with brushes are the M1 and M´NEX22. Touchless car wash machines are M´NEX24 and Tracer.

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Tunnels: The Fastest automatic car wash equipment

Conveyorized car wash Tunnels are the quickest machine that we can find in the car wash world.
This equipment can wash more than one vehicle at the same time thanks to the conveyor belt that moves the car while washing. Many different products can be applied to vehicle as it moves along this belt. From colored soaps to waxes and protectants…all these can be chosen at the time the customer purchases the wash. The best part is that these items take no additional time to apply as the vehicle travels in the car wash conveyor belt the same period of time. You can also have tire shine applied to your tires automatically as well as the excess water removed with a blow dryer.
ISTOBAL has different automated car wash machines depending on the number of vehicles per hour that the machine can wash.
Some additional types of tunnel equipment are:
DRIVE-THRU machine is perfect for washing more than 30 cars per hour as the wash time is approximately one to two minutes per car. While the quality is more dependant on the speed that the driver moves through the machine, it is the choice for high volume fleets with trained operators. The EXPRESS ON RAILS, a combination of a automatic car wash rollover with off board tunnel features, is the best solution for high revenue car washing without the labor. The express on rails is capable of washing up to 25 cars per hour.

automatic car wash system

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