Advanced command posts, precision metering systems, powerful turbofans….Istobal car wash tunnel incorporate the most up-to-date technology in the sector, coordinated with great precision, to guarantee top performance.

In ISTOBAL, every meter counts. Our developments allow us to obtain the maximum profitability of our installations thanks to the washing and waxing modules, starting from a single car wash bay of 9.3 meters in length, we can reach up to 15.8 meters in the case of the car wash tunnel (TWASH) and up to 32 meters in the case of rollover (TC).

ISTOBAL car wash machines are at the forefront of quality, equipment and adaptability. TWASH is already a reference in the car wash machine industry thanks to a main characteristic; a washing and drying tunnel that mix the versatility of the wash bridges in a single model.

túneles de lavadoThe TC model responds to high production, unlike car wash tunnel, TC guarantee a wash of 30 cars / hour up to 55 cars / hour.

ISTOBAL has been working since 1950 in the development of car wash machines and car wash bays to facilitate the cleaning of managers and end users; more intuitive control positions thanks to a touch screen, washing quality with inclined brush modules, soft start and controlled displacements on rails that achieve an effective double scrubbing in the front and back of the vehicles and a drying system with horizontal nozzle 3D design offers an exceptional dry quality with any type of vehicle.

Discover our car wash machines and take a quality step in your washing service.

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New wash and dry tunnel TWASH. On the car wash cutting edge. The new wash and dry tunnel, TWASH, combines in the same model the versatility of rollovers with the productivity typical of car wash tunnels. This new development ensures a maximum return in facilities where every square metre counts.


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Istobal TC car wash tunnel are designed for places that demand high productivity. True to the principle of versatility in its widest sense, there are up to 13 configurations, all varying in sizes and characteristics, and able to meet the most demanding of production needs, whatever the scale, thanks to differing conveyor lengths, which range from 12.5 m. right up to 32 m.


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