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Active mousse plus

Extra-effective, extra-foamy



  • This high-density active foam dissolves and eliminates all kinds of grease and dirt on vehicles.
  • With extra-foaming power and a refreshing SPA smell, it contributes to an appealing car-wash experience.
  • Besides, the low dosage required maximises effectiveness with lower consumption levels, which makes this concentrated shampoo more environmentally friendly.

What is Active mousse plus?

A concentrated product with a combination of high-quality biodegradable compounds with extraordinary foaming power. Thanks to its specific formulation, it eliminates grease and dirt, leaving the bodywork impeccable.

How is Active mousse plus applied?

This active foam can be applied in rollovers, tunnels and jet washes as a standard active foam. Depending on water quality at the car-wash facility and on the program selected, approximate dosage is 10ml per vehicle.