Istobal Chemical Solutions

ISTOBAL and its esens® chemicals

The guarantee the cleaning results expected by the most demanding clients

esens® is the chemical product brand developed by ISTOBAL. As carwash experts for more than 60 years, we know that an effective chemical is essential to obtain an impeccable finish.

With esens®, our chemical solutions fulfil our customers’ expectations and ensure the profitability of carwash equipment.

ISTOBAL and its esens® chemicals guarantee the cleaning results expected by the most demanding clients. The latest technology and the most innovative solutions to facilitate the cleaning of all vehicle types.

esens® covers all carwash areas:

  • Rollovers and tunnels
  • Self-service wash bays
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Manual professional cleaning (interior and exterior)
  • Water treatment
  • Facility maintenance


Our chemicals are available in containers with different sizes (from 5L to 25L), 1L and 2L bottles, 200L barrels and 1000L tanks. A large variety of traditional formats for each individual need.


Xtract super-concentrated chemicals have a 90% smaller volume than traditional chemicals, which makes shipping more economical and reduces storage needs.

Waste is also reduced by 90% versus standard containers.

Our Xtract formats are:

  • BIO CAP (Water-soluble biofilm bags)
  • DOY PACK (Doy Pack plastic bags)
  • FLASK (Thermo-sealed bottles)